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What if I can’t find an option that is not listed?

For Fiend Series we have limited options possible, but if you choose Full Custom, it will open an infinite possibilities. In case you haven’t find option you would like, let us know and we will work it out for you!

What pickups do you use?

We have our own Badstroke pickups, which are super awesome and you can check them out on our YT channel! We use them for our Fiend Series and in the future you can buy them separately.

Fiend Series Pro version has BKPs available and if you go for Full Custom, you can choose any pickups you would like!

Do I have to pay extra for lefty?

Absolutely not! We believe that it shouldn’t make the price higher just because you are left handed. That would be so weird!

You don’t even have to pay extra for number of strings or for headless. You can also pick and color from the color range, we will simply mix it for you, no extra charges.

What product lines do you have?

Introducing our lineup: the Fiend Series, Fiend Series PRO, and Full Custom.

The Fiend Series Signature models are priced at an affordable 1150 EUR, offering a streamlined configuration with limited options. Stepping up, the Fiend Series PRO provides expanded possibilities in the configurator, starting at 1499 EUR. For those with boundless aspirations, our Full Custom option (starting at 1950 EUR) removes all limits—where only your dreams set the boundaries. In the realm of Full Custom, you’re not just acquiring a guitar; it’s a personalized experience. Our skilled luthier is dedicated to engaging in direct discussions with you about your build. You’ll receive regular updates, ensuring that you are intimately involved in the entire building process, right alongside us.

Do you guys ship guitars with a guitar case?

Regrettably, we do not offer guitar cases yet (we plan it next year, so in case you will be interested let us know!). However, rest assured that we take great care in packaging. Each guitar is shipped in a box with custom-fitted polystyrene to ensure its safe arrival.

If you prefer to plan ahead and acquire a guitar case, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll provide you with the dimensions of your build to help you find the perfect fit.

How does it work with payment?

We understand that paying for an entire guitar upfront can be a significant commitment. That’s why we offer the option to pay a deposit first.

  • For the Fiend Series Signature – you pay only a 70% deposit and you pay the rest 30% with shipping when the build is finished.
  • For Fiend Series PRO – you pay only a 70% deposit and you pay the rest 30% with shipping when the build is finished.
  • For Full Custom, you pay a 50% deposit and 50% shipping when the build is finished. However, if you pay Full Custom at once, you get 5% off the base price (without VAT and shipping.)

Fiend Series

Why are the Fiend Series guitars priced so affordably?

We get this question a lot! We wanted to make custom guitars available to more musicians, so we put our heads together to figure out how to keep costs down. The answer? We started making our own parts! We have our hardware specially made for us and we make our own pickups, which, in particular, received such great feedback that we’re even considering selling them separately soon!

What is a difference between Fiend Series Signature and Fiend Series Pro?

That’s an excellent question. The Fiend Series, in essence, embodies our most sought-after configurations from the past.

The Fiend Series Signature serves as the foundational model, priced at 1150 EUR. It offers a straightforward configuration process with limited options.

On the other hand, the Fiend Series PRO caters to those who desire more customization, allowing adjustments such as selecting different pickups, having two-color fade option, choosing specific wood options, and even featuring a top. It provides a bit more flexibility for those seeking a tailored touch to their guitar or bass.

I am about to order a Fiend Series Guitar/Bass! How does it work?

Whoop whoop! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in our Fiend Series! Here’s how it works: we open batch twice a year with limited spots, so we can guarantee the delivery time. When a new batch opens, we’re ready to accept a limited number of new orders. Select and customize your Fiend, then conveniently pay directly by card. For Fiend Series we don’t accept deposits but only full payments. After payment, you will receive an email that we accepted your order and then it’s official!

We’ll hold off on production until the batch closes, typically within about a month or until all available spots are filled.

Once you’ve placed your Fiend order, we’ll include you in our VIP newsletter exclusively for future owners. This newsletter will provide regular updates on the progress of the building process. From the moment production begins, anticipate a waiting period of approximately 6 months until your guitar is ready.

When that exciting moment arrives, we’ll share pictures of the finished guitar with you. Simply cover the shipping costs, and your customized Fiend is good to go!

Can I adjust my Fiend Serie Guitar/Bass configuration?

While our Fiend Series Signature models remain unchangeable, the Fiend Series PRO opens up a world of possibilities with a wider range of wood, color, and pickup options. Should you seek even more personalized choices beyond our standard offerings, the Full Custom option awaits, where the only limit is the sky.


Do you ship wordwide?

Yep! Shipping cost depends on the country we ship to.
For Europe it’s 100 EUR,
US, Canada and other countries 200 EUR,
In rare cases it can be up to 300 EUR.

The shipping will be calculated right before we send the guitar to you.

How long will it take to receive my guitar?

From the moment we start a production, it will take approximately 7 months for Fiend Series Signature or Fiend Series Pro, and up to 12 months for a Full Custom build to be completed and shipped. Some custom requests could take longer depending on complexity of the build or availability of materials. A more accurate and specific time frame will be discussed when the custom order is placed and in case of delays you will be always notified.

How do you ship your guitars?

We take great care in packaging. Each guitar is shipped in a box with custom-fitted polystyrene to ensure its safe arrival.

All our shipments are insured.

If it happens that your shipment arrived damaged, it is important that you document it and send it to us and we will handle the claim. We will repair the damaged guitar and send it to you as soon as possible.


Collaboration with shops

We frequently receive inquiries about the possibility of trying out our guitars in person. We believe our fans would be excited to have the opportunity to experience our products firsthand.

If you are interested in a collaboration, please reach out to us at info@badstroke.com. We are confident that we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Are you looking for endorsements?

We are open to collaborations in some kind of discounts or barters in case it makes sence and we are on the same “frequency”. Hit us a message with some words about you and your vision of ideal collaboration and we will see, if it’s a match!

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